Bingís Barkiní Bakery was established 2001 when my husband and I discovered that our 11 year old dog Bing - a pit bull / lab mix - had developed arthritis. I felt sad that Bing was so uncomfortable and wanted to do something special for him. I decided to bake him a batch of treats - all natural peanut butter bones. After Bing tasted his freshly baked (not stale store-bought) treats, he seemed to get a little spring back in his step! I called my veterinarian to see if he thought the treats could have had an effect on Bing's condition, and while he couldn't say if there was a direct relationship between the two, he told me to just keep on baking!
Then I thought, if Bing enjoys these treats so much maybe other dogs would too. So I started giving out samples to my friends and family for their dogs and the feedback was incredible! All shapes, sizes and breeds of the canine community loved Bing's treats. So I found myself in the kitchen baking more and more treats and adding more and more flavors, and Bing's Barkin' Bakery was born!
Our business was started all for Bing, this website is dedicated in loving memory of him.


May 17, 1990 - November 26, 2006
We welcomed a new dog into our family too, Lucky - terrier mix - was a stray who was hit by a car near my husband's job in 2003. Lucky had to undergo major surgery to repair a massive fracture in her right hind leg and damage to her pelvic bone. But luckily, Lucky made a full recovery and has taken on an active role in our family and at Bing's Barkin' Bakery! Bing has welcomed his new sister with open paws and we now have two very satisfied in-house taste testers! Incidentally, Bing is now 16 years old and I can't help but believe that his long, happy life is a result of lots of love, toys to play with, and yummy homemade treats!

Lucky Girl

November 15, 2003 - November 26, 2016

We have a new addition to the family - meet Marvin (a.k.a. Marvin the Moosh)

We adopted Marvin in 2007 from Rawhide Rescue ( He has a sad story - Marvin, his sisters and brothers were rescued from a shelter by Rawhide Rescue. When they were picked up they were a mess - they had mange, cuts and urine burns on their paw pads. It was sad, but Rawhide Rescue came, saved them and found foster homes for them. After we lost our beloved Bingy I felt Lucky needed a new playmate, so I started looking at lots and lots of pooches on website. And there he was - Marvin - I fell in love, a six month old pit bull mix. Two days later we took Lucky to meet her new "potential" brother (we had to make sure they got along) and they hit it off. Marvin was the perfect moosh and we fell in love with him the minute we met him. He is so happy in his new home with his new sister tearing up the house. They love to play with each other, sleep on one another and get delicious homemade yummies that mom makes.


Marvy Man (My heart)
June 12, 2007 - June 2, 2016

Sable Bing's Barkin' Bakery


My Little Fat Jesus
September 6th 2011 - April 4th 2018
(We lost our sweet girl at the
young age of only 7 years old
due to Lymphoma)

Well, we have another addition to our family - our beautiful little Sable. We met Sable at The Super Pet Expo in Edison, New Jersey in 2011. I saw her owner walking by with her and I just had to stop them so I could see that face and pet her. When I went up to her she rolled right on her back to give me her belly to rub, and I fell in love! When she got up I noticed she had an "adopt me" bandana around her neck. I took a step back and said she's up for adoption?? And yes, this adorable big headed little dog was up for adoption and I was determined to have her as part of our family. It took a couple of weeks to get everything in order (she was a rescue at Last Resort Rescue) and have Lucky and Marvin meet their potential new sister. It was a great meeting of the dogs - they all got along and that was the most important thing. Sable wasn't the best dog at first with her separation anxiety and counter surfing! A dog with such short legs shouldn't be able to jump up onto the counters, but some how she did (I think she might have springs in her back legs) Her counter surfing days are over since she no longer has anxiety and she loves to play especially with Marvin and is a very busy girl with all the toys that she thinks are all hers! We love this dog, she was 1 1/2 years old when we adopted her and she really is just a cute sweet dog!


We have another precious little boy, Dewey! We lost Marvin suddenly in June of 2016, he didn't even get to make it to his 10th birthday - we were devastated. To say the least Sable was the one who was most distraught without her buddy, brother & playmate. It was only days after Marvin's passing that I found Dewey (originally Loki) on He was being fostered with It's A Ruff Life Rescue. He has some story too! I'll make it quick.....Dewey and his 4 siblings were found on the side of a road in North Carolina, they all had a terrible case of mange! Dewey's foster mom Christina (who is a wonderful amazing person) took Dewey and one sister into her home and nursed them both back to health. They were absolutely bald from the horrible mange, they looked like hairless cats! I saw his face on the website and I just had to put in an application for adoption, yes - he reminded me of Marvin so I was very partial to his adorable face! Ten minutes later I was contacted from It's A Ruff Life and to shorten it up we had Dewey in our home 10 days after losing Marvin. He is a perfect fit with his sister Sable, they play, sleep, run and eat together - they are inseparable!
(We adopted Dewey when he was about 6 months old)


Since we lost our beautiful Sable April 2018 we met another beautiful little girl at the Super Pet Expo not even 2 weeks later.
It's A Ruff Life rescue had a booth there once again and I was introduced to Miss. Lilly. I named her Lilly, but originally she was "Ellen" I thank every rescue group out there and especially It's A Ruff Life Rescue for bringing another love into our lives. She was just a tiny puppy when we met her, we adopted her on May 5th (Cinco De Mayo) she was 3 months old.

Another Pup has been added to our household. This is Cole Hauser (aka Peanut) We went to Aruba in September 2020 during the pandemic for vacation and also to donate to Sgt Peppers & Friends. They are a rescue group in Aruba, there are so many stray dogs, puppies, cats & kittens on the Happy Island. These poor animals are unable to all get neutered so there is always an influx of strays. When we went to visit Sgt Peppers Cole Hauser was the last puppy we were able to meet and she was the ONLY one in the entire rescue that was able to be adopted out. Her sister who she was with already had an application pending, but this didn't matter because I fell head of heals IN LOVE with this happy little Peanut! We were able to take her home 3 days later when we were leaving this amazing island. We go back every time to donate to Sgt. Pepper & Friends, it's a highlight of our vacation!

Our dogs love our delicious gourmet treats so we know your pups will too. Donít forget to order your dogís birthday cake from Bingís Barkiní Bakery and throw your pup a barkiní fun doggie birthday party with party hats and more!
We are located in Staten Island, New York.